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Magic Cube Cyber Laser Keyboard

Magic Cube Cyber Laser Keyboard The experience of typing on a projected keyboard is different than a standard keyboard. Projects a condensed QWERTY layout. The Magic Cube detects movement just above the surface of each projected key. Practice using included tips is recommended. Devices with automatic keystroke correction, like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod improve accuracy significantly. Compatibility Keyboard function compatible with any operating system supporting the USB HID class or Bluetooth HID profile. Multi-touch mouse mode for Windows 7+ only. Specific compatible systems include Win XP SP2+, Vista, Win7, Mac 10.4+, iOS 4.3.5+ (iPhone 3GS and later, iPod Touch 2nd generation and later, all versions of iPad), Linux and others supporting standard Bluetooth HID keyboards. Android 2.0+ compatibility limited to phones and devices that include Bluetooth keyboard support - please verify with your device maker before purchase. Package including: Celluon Magic Cube internal Li-ion battery USB 2.0 cable for charging and wired use Manual/Quick Start Guide (English) Product Features � Projects a virtual laser keyboard onto any table and detects keystrokes � Acts as a standard keyboard via Bluetooth (wireless) or USB (wired)--no drivers needed � Great companion wireless keyboard for tablets and touch phones. Small. Light. Charges via USB � Compatible with Win XP SP2+, Mac 10.4+, iOS 4.3.5+ (iPhone/iPod/iPad), etc � Mouse mode projects a standard 2-finger multi-touch pad (Windows 7 only. Not iOS capable) Technical Details � Available Colors: Silver, Red and White � Rechargable Lithium Battery Approx 150 Minutes, 700mAh

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