All purchase are sent by Registerd Post which means you must sign to receive the parcel. Overseas buyers have an add option to have their goods shipped by International Express Post (you get the parcel quicker) or International Courier Post. You need to contact LD if you want these options as they are more expensive.


It is the buyers reponsibility to elect the option of insuring your parcel. If a parcel is lost or damaged and doesn't have insurance, LD nor any staff/owners will be held responsible and no compesation or replacment will be given. 

Important Notice re: Customs Fees, taxes and other import fees.  
Some countries (UK, the E.U., and Canada in particular) charge Customs fees or import duties on merchandise ordered from overseas. Please be aware that these charges are the customer's responsibility and are beyond our control. We advise that you contact the relevant government body in your country (e.g. Customs & Excise) for information on what these charges might be.

Where do you ship to? 
We ship to all locations within Australia and internationally. 
What if my order has not arrived within the estimated time range? 
Always check the details contained in the post purchase email to you, is correct. If you find a mistake, phone us immediately. The address we use is the information you have entered on your order form. Importantly, we highly recommend you take out insurance in case of loss or damage as there is no other recourse for compensation or replacement.If you're waiting to receive your parcel and you think it should have arrived by now:  
* The delivery times listed above are from the time the parcel is dispatched, not from the time you place your order. So make sure you count the days from the dispatch date, not from the order date. Also, "working days" means Monday to Friday only, and doesn't include public holidays.  
* Check at your local post office or mail centre to see if they are holding it there for you. Sometimes the postie forget to leave a card to tell you to pick the parcel up.  
* If you are having the parcel delivered to work, check with your colleagues and with the mailroom to see if they have seen your parcel.  
* If your order has been sent via International Express Post/Courier, a tracking number would have been issued to you in the post purchase email sent to you. Check the progress of your order at . Be aware, authorities (such as Customs officers) in various countries, may from time to time intercept packages to check thier contents and may levy customs duties and taxes. If this occurs to your package, it will be delayed being delivered and there is nothing we at LD can do.     
* Done all the above, and still no parcel? Email us with your order number and we'll look into it for you.

Luxuries Depot is not responsible for any loss of, damage to, late delivery or non-delivery of goods ordered from our website. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you agree to release us and our carriers from any liability relating to loss of, damage to, late delivery or non-delivery of any goods you order from our wbsite and to assign all rights to claim compensation or insurance against our carriers to us and expressly and irrevocably do so.

In rural and regional areas of Australia, delivery times for Express Parcel Services are in respect of delivery to the Post Office of the principal township in that area. Delivery to final destinations may take longer. If in doubt please check with your local Post Office.