China Glass Company has been devoted to the development, reseach and production of unique artistic glass. Relying on his design strength , adopting the Venice traditional of glass moulding. 

My factory is the only supplier who use high-voltage electric furnaces to fire self-colored and hand blown glass art products.  The company not only focuses on increasing the quality of the material and the manufacturing techniques, but also pays attention to the art value and the art expression of the glass. 


Artist's Profile

Bao Shi Gou has loved poetry, calligraphy , painting and carving since a child. Graduated from Fujian academy of craft and fine arts in 1988, he is devoted to the experimentation of artistic glass for over ten years, he has successively won national patent awards for the invention of the art works . His unique treatment of artistic glass have established him as a leader of artistic glass and won the great fame. He creates the unique idea and artistic language ,thus injecting the soul of art into glass. Especially, he creates the artistic blow-molded glass series of " dancing with fire "in the powerful and unconstrained style, displaying so unparalleled romantic charm and uncanny and noble color of the works of art . He was award the contract to interiior decorate the reception area of the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.

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